puppy names??

May 31, 2008

OK.. So we have 2 black/white puppies (a boy and a girl) who look like their father Yankee.. and we called the b/w boy Yankee-Spunky and the girl – Girlfriend..

But what about the 4 blue merle boys? They actually all look very much like their mommy, Gina.. So, we call them Gino-1, Gino-2, Gino-3 and.. well you guessed it right, ;-).. Gino-4.. VBG.

Thinking hard about the names for the merle boys..



  1. If anyone has any great blue merle puppy names I would appreciate the help. My mom wants to call the #4 Gino Liberty. I like Cookie monster. Tim my husband likes Mongo.

  2. Alright! So what is #4 Gino going to be? .. Mongo-Cookie Monster-Liberty.. LOL!

  3. Being of the cookie persuasion, I like CookieMonster. Also: Qtip, (aka Q – comeon the merles look like Qtips now), Bubble, Mazda, and Diego. No wait, you can’t have Diego, that is for later. I like big, fat Girlfiend. She has to be strong to exist with 5 brothers. Woohoo!! Congrats Sue!!!

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