day 2

June 1, 2008

All the puppies are doing super. Momma Gina must have great milk everyone is satisfied. They are so strong I swear they look like they are walking not just crawling. They are all over each other and mom finding the perfect bar spot.



  1. These pups are little powerhouses already! Congratulations!

    They sound like Yankee and his littermates – they never seemed like they crawled! Even with their eyes and ears sealed shut, they were determined to stand and walk, quickly! Look out world!

  2. I was also very surprised how developed the pups were when I saw them on their first day..

    Sue and I had a really hard time taking pictures :: the little rascals kept scurrying away from the viewfinder! Normally it’s not that hard to take picture of the pups until their eyes are open..

    I hope Tammy (Gina’s breeder) joins us soon and tells us how Gina and her littermates acted when they were tiny babies..

    I first met Gina at the HauteTracs trial, when she was a couple months old, and little missy acted like she owned the joint, LOL!

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