yang gp::watch him fly..

June 1, 2008
[blip.tv ?posts_id=961417&dest=-1]


  1. Watching Yankee run is so cool, because I see that he got the best qualities of both his parents. He has Kid’s tremendous power, ground speed, and stride length. As well as Wishful’s extraordinary ability to turn, and her innate ability to lengthen and shorten her stride very naturally and intuitively according to handling cues and the type of course she’s running. Boy, I love my dogs! 🙂 Most of all the things that I appreciate them for, I love the heart they have. When you have a complete and total mutual trust in each other, they will do anything for you.

  2. You got it! After all, Yankee is a Wish-Kid, ;-).. a perfect blend of both his parents.

    Yankee is really easy to run.. pretty much anyone can run him. What you mention about “stride regulation on demand” that he inherited from his mom Wishful, is a fantastic trait! Yankee can reach supersonic speed and still turn tight and easy. Like Wish, he is very light on his feet. You can hardly hear him run.

    Gina is very similar to Yankee in terms of the heart and the talent she has. She gives it all!

    I am sure that Gina’s puppies are going to inherit the “heart” gene, ;-)..

    P.S.: For the Team USA uniforms for the EO’08 we get to personalize our team jackets and shirts with something like “dog’s name – handler’s name” type of a thing.. I’ve got “Go Yankee, Run!” printed on my uniform.. and that’s in a nutshell how we do it, ;-)!

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