day 3 :: bunch of pictures

June 2, 2008

Alright! Sue took a bunch of pictures today.. and here they are.. Enjoy!

all six pups lineup

puppy jujutsu..

sister on top..

red white n blue..

happily at the milk bar..

oops! milk bar malfunction, ;-)..

kill the blue dog!

girl talk..

over! ..puppy agility

merle dreams

brother on top

hmm.. girlfriend is rather mellow this evening..




  1. I love the “milk bar malfunction” picture – what’s amazing is how big and strong they look! Gina just looks relieved to have them out! Girlfriend and that merle boy next to her look like they’re standing on their rear legs. The merles have such clear markings that are really well defined, not washed out looking at all. Sue or Olga, what order were they born in?

  2. Milk bar malfunction

    Three puppies on Gina
    Left pup born second
    Middle pup born fourth
    Right pup born sixth (girlfriend)

    Three puppies on the floor next to Gina
    Left pup born fifth (mongo cookie monster)
    Middle pup born first (Yankee spanky)
    Right pup born third

  3. The way we have the pups numbered #1 through #6 is the order they were born.
    If you go to the May Archives, that’s how they are listed.

    This bunch of pictures didn’t come out too well organized, but they are awfully cute;-).. I will keep referencing the pups’ birth order numbers in the future pictures..

    Milk Bar Malfunction picture is really a riot! I couldn’t stop laughing. Sue said, she was taking pictures and all the pups were nursing, and then Gina all of a sudden rolled onto her back. Oops! And that’s how they ended up when Sue took the picture, ;-)..

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