day 8 :: tv dinner

June 6, 2008

Here is the pups’ video debut, ;-).. Enjoy!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=977146&dest=-1]



  1. Oh my God! They are incredibly strong and determined!! I can’t believe how fast they are driving to latch onto Gina and then how focused they are as they gorge themselves! No wonder they’re so “plump” LOL! Were they just waking up as you started the camera? Gina cracks me up. As the video begins, she’s looking at the camera, yawning, like “here we go again…”, checks out her pups, then settles down so the feasting can begin!

  2. Did you notice that Gina’s leg is moved by the little munchkins. Only Gina would be so mellow.

  3. The boys are cute, but this video is really starring Girlfriend, ;-).. Check out her tenacious quest for the tit, LOL.. See, Girlfriend likes the lower tit, so she makes for it only to find it occupied, ;-(.. Bot not to worry, Girlfriend doesn’t give up and she doesn’t get upset. She just turns around and gives it another whirl.. This time she gets what she wants!

    Yankee is like that. He knows exactly what he wants and he doesn’t throw tantrums if he can’t get it. He just keeps at it and gets it at the end.

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