day 8 :: portraits

June 6, 2008

Gina’s babies are a happy healthy bunch and growing like weeds.. Enjoy the latest individual pictures of the gang that Sue took today, Friday, June 6th, 2008. The pups are 8 days old. They are motoring around the whelping box, and barking! We can’t wait for them to open their eyes, ;-)..


pup #1 :: b/w male :: yankee-spanky

pup #2 :: b/m male :: gino-1 ::


pup #3 :: b/m male :: gino-2 ::


pup #4 :: b/m male :: gino-3 ::


pup #5 :: b/m male :: mcm :: mongo cookie monster


pup #6 :: b/w female :: girlfriend




  1. Oh boy – barking already?!?!? Wait till I tell Grandpa Kid. Sounds like they’ve inherited his tendency to “air his opinion”!
    It’s so funny as you scroll down, looking at each pup, seeing the names go by, Gino-1, Gino-2, Gino-3, then…….MONGO COOKIE MONSTER!!!!! LOL!
    Sue, what do you feed your dogs, and what type of diet do you plan on weaning them onto? (kibble, raw, etc.) Both Gina and the pups are so shiny, they really radiate health.

  2. I feed my dogs wellness dry (core) supplemented with cooked ground beef, chicken, eggs and rollover. They also get glycoflex and fish oil pills. I use the ever faithful hotdog for treats when I train. My mom thinks they eat better than I do. I must say I agree.

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