day 14 :: picture portraits

June 14, 2008

All right! The puppies are 2 weeks old! Can you believe it?

Their eyes are wide open and, oh boy, they are very curious about everything they see, ;-)..

The first pup to open her eyes was Girlfriend.. then Gino-Duo.. then we lost count – they seemed to all have their eyes open at the same time, ;-)..

Sue took these pictures right after the babies had their dinner, so they were calm enough to pose for the portraits.. Enjoy!


featured in the order of birth..

puppy #1 :: yankee-spanky (b/w male)


puppy #2 :: gino-uno (b/m male)


puppy #3 :: gino-duo (b/m male)


puppy #4 :: gino-tres (b/m male)


puppy #5 :: mcm (b/m male)


puppy #6 :: girlfriend (b/w female)




  1. Go Girlfriend!!! I see bluish eyes on her. Will they stay blue? MCM has really blue eyes!

  2. All puppies have bluish eyes when they first open them.. Girlfriend and Yankee-Spanky will have brown eyes.. Now, we will have to wait and see about the merle boys.. they may have blue eyes.. or merle eyes.. or half and half, ;-)..

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